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A beginner's guide to the Apple Watch: How to use its buttons and gestures, start workouts, and more

There are a lot of Physical instructions when it comes to Apple Watch. Read on to get a quick guide to this piece of wearable tech. There are a lot of important things to know like Display that is like the face of your iPhone watch. You can tap, swipe and press firmly on the display.

All your gesture will respond to.  Digital Crown – it’s like a Home button that is for rotating on the side of Apple watch. the iPhone repair So Press and Hold on the digital crown to scroll, zoom and you can also press to view watch face, home screen or the double press to access the last used app.

 Side Button – it’s a type of oval button that is located underneath the Digital crown. Press it to use a list of recently used apps and then double press to use Apple play by holding the button to turn your watch on and off for making an emergency call. Band release Button – They are just like thin oval buttons at the top and the backside of your Apple watch by using change the band.

Optical heart sensor – You can see the dots on the Backside of your Apple watch and a single dot having on the series will measure your heart rate. You can turn on your Apple Watch and pair and set up your device by pressing and holding the side button until the Apple logo appears in the middle of your screen. Pair your iPhone watch and the apple watch by following on-screen instruction to complete your setup. You can adjust the settings of your iPhone watch by setting the passcode or going to the iPhone repair shop to get the services.

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